Till Luck Do Us Part
Till Luck Do Us Part
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Release date: October 5th, 2012.
Tickets sold: 3.4 million.

Tino (Leandro Hassum), a simple working class guy, has a sudden change of luck when he wins millions in the lottery. After 15 years of luxury and ostentation shared with his wife Jane (Danielle Winits in the first movie, Camila Morgado in the sequels), Tino realizes that he spent the entire cash prize. Completely broke, he seeks help from his neighbor Amauri (Kiko Mascarenhas), a conservative financial consultant who is living his own personal crisis with his wife Laura (Rita Elmôr).

Now Tino must hide his bankruptcy from Jane, who is going through a difficult pregnancy and can’t have any strong emotional reactions. He gets involved in crazy and funny situations to keep his wife from learning the truth, with the aid of his older kids and his best friend Adelson (Aílton Graça).

Cast & Team
  • Direction
    Roberto Santucci/
  • Cast
    Leandro Hassum/ Danielle Winits/ Kiko Mascarenhas/ Rita Elmôr/ Aílton Graça/