Till Luck Do Us Part 2
Till Luck Do Us Part 2
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Release date: December 27, 2013.
Tickets sold: 3.9 million.

Three years after the first movie, Tino (Leandro Hassum) and Jane (Camila Morgado) are once again going through financial problems. They are saved from bankrupcy when Jane’s uncle Olavinho dies and leaves an inheritance of 100 million Brazilian Reais, to be split between Jane and her mother, Estela (Arlete Salles). Olavinho wanted to have his ashes thrown around the Grand Canyon, so Tino takes the whole family to Vegas. He gets excited about the high-stakes gambling at the casinos and ends up not only losing the inheritance, but owning $ 10 million to a Mexican mobster.

Cast & Team
  • Direction
    Roberto Santucci/
  • Cast
    Leandro Hassum/ Camila Morgado/ Kiko Mascarenhas/ Rita Elmôr/ Anderson Silva/ Jerry Lewis/ Arlete Salles/ Marcius Melhem/