Get My Wife a Boyfriend
Get My Wife a Boyfriend
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Release date: September 1st, 2016
Tickets sold: 641,648

Chico wants to end his marriage, but can’t find the guts to do it. After chatting with some friends, he comes up with a curious solution: hiring a lover for his wife so she will be the one to ask for the divorce.

Corvo, the perfect man for the job, is a specialist in this kind of situation and quickly learns about Nena’s interests and aspirations. He gets her a job as a variety show host, which ends up becoming a tremendous success. Feeling much more confident about her career and her appearance – thanks to Corvo’s flirtatious comments – Nena becomes happier and lighter, reminding Chico of the woman he fell in love with. However, he’s no longer the only one seeking Nena’s heart, and will have to work really hard to get her back.

Starring Ingrid Guimarães, who brought 12 million people to movie theaters with the Head Over Heels franchise and the successful comedy Can’t Wait to Get Married, Get My Wife a Boyfriend is a surprising comedy that shows how some endings can become new beginnings when we least expect.

Cast & Team
  • Direction
    Julia Rezende/
  • Cast
    Ingrid Guimarães/ Caco Ciocler/ Domingos Montagner/ Letícia Colin/ Marcelo Laham/ Marcos Veras/ Mayara Constantino/ Mia Mello/ Paulinho Serra/ Paulo Vilhena/