Carousel 2 – Maria Joaquina’s Missing
Carousel 2 – Maria Joaquina’s Missing
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Release date: July 14, 2016
Tickets sold: 2.5 million

After becoming an internet sensation with the song they recorded at Panapaná Camp last summer, the kids are contacted by Didi Mel, a popstar who wants to do a concert with them. Everything looks like a dream that came true until Maria Joaquina, the leader of the group, is kidnapped by none other than Gonzales, the supervillain that wanted to turn Panapaná Camp into a factory. Now Gonzales seeks revenge by putting the group through a series of challenges so they can rescue Maria Joaquina. Will they complete the tasks in time to get their friend back for the big concert?


Carousel 2 followed its predecessor’s success. Opening in 850 movie theaters across the country, the film sold over 2.5 million tickets and its teenage stars went on to launch solid acting careers.

Cast & Team
  • Direction
    Maurício Eça/
  • Cast
    Elke Maravilha/ Fernando Benini/ Jean Paulo Campos/ Larissa Manoela/ Maísa Silva/ Matheus Ueta/ Mía Mello/ Noemi Gerbelli/ Oscar Filho/ Paulo Miklos/ Rosane Mulholland/